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Tel: (303) 451-5960
Email: info@RockyAmericas.com
Web Site: www.RockyAmericas.com

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(Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page before you contact us as a lot of common questions have been answered there already.)

Submit Customer Product Review

We welcome ALL objective customer product reviews from customers who purchased our products in the past.  Your hands-on reviews will provide invaluable information to your fellow customers, so they can make educated decisions on their purchases.  Rocky Americas Inc. reserves the rights to modify, correct, and remove any reviews at its sole discretion.  Please read the additional information in the Terms of Use page or contact us if you have any questions. 

As a token of our appreciation, for a limited time, customers whose reviews are being published on our site will receive a 10% discount for your next purchase.  So, keep on writing!

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Customized Products/Orders 

With our sources and manufacturers in China, Rocky Americas Inc. is specialized in customizing products/components.  We work with more than 15 contracted manufacturers and hundreds manufacturer sources on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for developing new and/or customized products.  Our knowledgeable teams perform a wide range of tasks include research, design, modeling, development, tooling, producing, packaging, shipping, etc.  Whether you have a new product idea in your mind or you need to customize an existing product to fit your own application, we can help you.

Related Products Shown on This Site

Rocky Americas Inc. is seeking long-term partners, whole sellers, and business customers.  Beside the products/models shown in the Products page, more models and designs are available to choose (please email us to request a product brochure), customizing products/components is possible with large order quantity.

Looking for Products/Business Opportunities

Rocky Americas Inc. specializes in electronic and high technology products as well as other consumer products.  With our China sources, our customers are assured that they will receive low competitive prices with highest quality possible.  If our product/service line does not meet your needs, we will diligently find you the right people through our extended connections in China.
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Web Site: www.RockyAmericas.com    Email: info@RockyAmericas.com

formerly Yan Laboratory Electric Science & Technology LLC

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