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About Us

Based in Metro Denver area, Rocky Americas Inc. is the newly restructured entity of former Yan Laboratory Electric Science & Technology (USA) LLC, which was an extension of Yan Laboratory Electric Science & Technology (China) Limited, a well-known high technology company that has been engaged in research, development and marketing of surveillance/monitoring products in China since 1992.  The company had been focusing on utilizing digital audio recording, audio/video transmission, and security/monitoring technologies.  In addition to the products and services the former company provided, the new Rocky Americas Inc. would focus solely on the U.S. markets and bring in new product lines and services from the best sources available worldwide. 

As a leader in the industry forefront, we design, manufacture, and sell affordable products for stores, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, banks, highways, gas stations, mines, warehouses as well as residential consumers.  Our latest products include world smallest digital cameras, high-resolution black/white and color CCD, CMOS video cameras, camera heads/lens for various systems and image sensors, wireless audio/video receivers, mini-wireless audio/video emitters, CCTV systems, vehicle safety rear view systems, vehicle rear view cameras, TFT LCD monitors, etc.

Our expertise in security/monitoring technologies and our customer-oriented approach to product development and marketing enable us to develop cost-effective and high-quality products.  In the mean time of delivering ready-to-install products, we also offer products as individual components that allow businesses/consumers to create customized solutions for special needs and to build value-added applications.

Rocky Americas Inc. will continue providing best products and services available to our existing clients and will actively seek new clients.  Rocky Americas Inc. is committed to bringing the best and affordable safety, security, monitoring products to the U.S. markets.  Besides exploring the retail market (especially through the Internet), the company is seeking long-term partners, wholesalers, and business customers.

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