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AV Vehicle Rear View Backup System
Model Number: HQ2000AV7 (7" monitor),
HQ2000AV (5.5" monitor)

Every year, thousands vehicle backup accidents happen nation wide. In many cases, children are injured and killed because drivers (a lot of times, their own parents) don't see them while backing up. The area, often called blind spot, behind your vehicle can be a killing zone! The blind area ranges from 17 feet for a Honda Accord to 51 feet for a Chevrolet Avalanche. Vehicle rear view backup cameras do not replace safety controls/activities, but they provide additional safety helps if you drive a RV, truck, bus, van, airplane, or any vehicle that has no rear view mirror or poor rear vision. Want to have two cameras with two angles of view?  You got it, this system can support two cameras with one button press to switch between them.

HQ2000AVC Back View Camera
(7" system in black color)

HQ2000AVI 5.5" B/W Monitor
NEW 7" Monitor is available NOW!
(7" system in black color)

FREE Bonus: 30-Feet special type S-Video Cable - a $49 value
(60-Feet cable may be available at additional charge, contact us)
System Features:
HQ2000AV System:
  • Brand New manufacturer designed complete audio/video vehicle rear view backup system
  • Certified FCC Part 15:2001 compliance! ISO 9002 registered! 
  • Specially designed A/V/Power S-video technology with aviation plug, no need to run separate power wire to the camera!
  • Two system cameras capability - two angles of view
  • Auto activate / power on when vehicle in reverse mode
HQ2000AVC Camera 
  • High quality B/W video with audio 
  • 120 degree view angle 
  • 6 ultra-red beams for no illumination 0.5LUX working environment 
  • Water-proof and shock-proof 
  • Normal working temperature 14°F - 122°F (-10°C - 50°C) 
  • Special type S-Video with Aviation Plug output 
HQ2000AVI Monitor
  • 7" high quality B/W monitor (5.5" monitor is available)
  • 2 Special type S-Video (Aviation Plug) inputs Camera 1 (CA1) and Camera 2 (CA2)
  • Switching between CA1 and CA2 by one button press
  • 1 RCA A/V input (for your VCR/DVD) and 1 RCA AV output 
  • Left/right inverted image switch - displays a reversed camera image on the monitor to duplicate the normal view seen in a rear-view mirror 
  • Image brightness adjustment 
  • Image contract adjustment 
  • Frame frequency adjustment 
  • Audio volume adjustment 
  • Monitor angle adjustment 
  • Low power consumption 
  • Strong shock-proof
  • Auto activate / power on when vehicle is in reverse mode

HQ-2000AV Package Content (One-Camera System):

One (1) HQ-2000AVI Monitor, one (1) Monitor Stand, four (4) Monitor Adjustment Screws, one (1) HQ-2000AVC Camera with Special type S-Video Aviation Plug, one (1) Camera Stand, one (1) Power Plug Cable, plus FREE bonus of one (1) 30-Feet Special type S-Video with Aviation Plug Cable.

Two-Camera system comes with one (1) additional HQ-2000AVC Camera with Camera Stand and one additional 30-Feet special type S-Video Cable.
Note: Camera and/or monitor color you will receive can vary without notice, it can be in dark blue (shown) or black (normally for 7" monitor system).

System Specifications:
HQ2000AVC Camera
HQ2000AVI Monitor
Power Voltage DC 12V +- 0.5 Power Voltage DC 12V +- 0.5
Normal Working Temperature 14°F - 122°F (-10°C - 50°C) Power Consumption 15W (7"), 7.5W (5.5")
Image Element 1/3" - 320000 Pixels - B/W CCD Normal Working Temperature 5°F - 130°F (-15°C - 55°C)
Valid Element 500(H) x 582(V) Monitor CRT 7", 5.5" Black/White
Scanning System 625 Line, 2:1 Interlace Image Resolution >= 420 TV Lines
Synchronism System Inside Synchronism Geometry Distortion <= 3%
Scan Frequency 15.625KHz (H) - 50Hz (V) Un-linear Distortion H <= 12%, V <= 8%
Horizontal Resolution >= 420 TV Lines Contract > 60%
S/N Ratio >= 48 dB Shockproof 5G
Video Output Signal VBS 1.0Vp=p / 75 ohm Dimension 210mm x 205mm x 155mm (7")
177mm x 122mm x 191mm (5.5")
Minimum Illumination 0.05 LUX W/UR LED Weight 2700 g (7"), 1830 g (5.5")
Lens F = 3.6mm, F/2.0

Lens Angle OA = 120 Degree

Automatic IRIS Electrical Auto IRIS (Shutter Speed: 1/60 - 1/120000)

Audio Output 0.36W

Audio Impedance 600 ohm

Wiring Length 1.5m special type S-Video Cable

Dimension  105mm x 65mm x 65mm

Weight 280 g

Buy AV Vehicle Rear View System Now:
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Contact Us for availability!

5.5" Monitor One-Camera System
(Content specified above)
5.5" Monitor Two-Camera System (In addition to everything comes in the One-Camera System, you get a 2nd camera and a 2nd cable)

US$229.99 + U.S. S/H (US$29.00)
US$329.99 + U.S. S/H (US$29.00)

NEW 7" Monitor One-Camera System
(Content specified above)

NEW 7" Monitor Two-Camera System (In addition to everything comes in the One-Camera System, you get a 2nd camera and a 2nd cable)
One Camera (w/30-Feet Cable) Only (This option is for those who have already purchased base One-Camera System and want a 2nd camera)
US$259.99 + U.S. S/H (US$29.00)
Best Value US$359.99 + U.S. S/H (US$29.00)
US$149.99 + U.S. S/H (US$19.00)

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