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Professional 4-Channel Wireless A/V Transmitter & Receiver Kit
Model Number: 500T-150R

This 4-Channel Wireless A/V Transmitter & Receiver kit features high sensitivity, high quality, long reception range, small compact size, minimal weight, low power consumption, low maintenance, easy installation and operation, easy concealment, and more! With four of this 4-Channel Wireless Transmitter & Receiver kits, you can connect up to 4 different A/V sources (e.g. Micro Cameras, one at each pre-set locked channel/frequency) and transmit simultaneously without interference! It is great for value-added product/application developments! High Gain Antenna is available, contact us to upgrade!

Higher power transmitters are available for ordering, contact us!
Wireless Transmitter 500T 
4-Channel Wireless A/V Transmitter
(actual color of the transmitter may vary: black, gold, or silver)

Wireless Receiver 150R
4-Channel Wireless A/V Transmitter

4-Pin/Connector Cable

RCA A/V Cable

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Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit

CAUTION: To avoid permanent damage, antennas for BOTH the transmitter and the receiver MUST be attached before being powered on. End user of this device might be required to obtain license for operating the device, consult your legal advisor. The manufacturer or the seller of this device cannot be held liable under any circumstances if the device is used for illegal purposes, offenders are subject to severe legal punishments by government law enforcement agencies. 

500T-150R 4-Channel Wireless A/V Transmitter & Receiver Kit Content:
One (1) 4-Channel Wireless A/V Transmitter with antenna, one (1) matching 4-Channel Wireless A/V Receiver with reception antenna, one (1) A/V/Power 4-Pin/Connector Cable, and one (1) RCA type A/V Cable.

Special Note:

  • Standard antennas (pictured above with device) are not included when upgraded high gain antenna have been purchased/included.
  • The receiver audio output is at "mic" level, NOT "line" level. This is NOT a prefessional audio only transmitter/receiver kit and should NOT be used as studio audio only device.
  • The actual color of the wireless transmitter you will receive may vary without notice.
  • Pictures above are manufacturer stock photos, actual items might look a little bit different.

System Specifications:
Effective Reception Range up to 1500 feet "line of sight" (LOS)
*see note below.

Power Supply DC 12V
Output Frequency 0.9-1.2 GHz Power Consumption < 960 mW
Signal Input Standard RCA type AV Signal Output Standard RCA type AV ("mic" level audio)
Transmitter Dimensions 55 mm x 45 mm x 18 mm Receiver Dimensions 79 mm x 115 m x 23 mm

specifications are subject to change without notice

*Note: Actual reception result will vary depending on environmental and topographical conditions. Wireless transmission reception result can be greatly degraded based on a lot of factors such as whether there is a LOS, the objects between the transmitter and the receiver, the material of the objects in between, the structure/material of the building environment, the above ground clearance distance, other electronics and appliances in the same environments, the topology, the temperature and humidity, whether the transmitter and/or receiver is moving, etc. just to name a few. The LOS range in the specifications is the manufacturer lab rating in a "perfect" environment.

Buy Professional 4-Channel Wireless A/V Transmitter & Receiver Now:
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